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Compassionate & Curious in a Relationship

I’m out watering the new flowerbed in the backyard the other day and I see my husband dragging a pallet ...
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Happily Ever After

The courtship is fantastic, the wedding is superb, the honeymoon is unforgettable and a few years pass by and there ...
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Unleashing the Power of Your Mind

If your system can turn the bread you eat into blood, bone and muscle, imagine what else it could do ...
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Mother (or Father) May I

Did you know that a child's brain from in utero until about 7 years old is literally like a tape ...
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How To Change Your Life

In order to change you need to tap into the part of the mind that actually controls 95-99% of your ...
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My Story

I'm going to give you the cliff notes version as the long version is in my book, 101 Things I Wish ...
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Pain and the Mind Body Connection

I used to think my mind and body were separate. Maybe because I grew up in a world of allopathic ...
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A Great Life

I've been through a lot in my life! I've suffered physically more than I thought was possible, especially the past ...
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Enter PSYCH-K® and the Subconscious Mind

After watching the YouTube video The Psychology Of Change By Rob Williams, M.A., I thought the belief statements I saw ...
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