Hello to the healers of the world!

I’m excited to share my upcoming Summit Transformation™ certification course with you!

This course IS for you IF:
  • You want to learn and practice live and remote muscle testing to figure out what your client/patient wants and needs to speed their healing and transformation.
  • You love neuroscience and want to learn more about it.
  • You want to learn more about epigenetics and how to change the genes at a cellular level.
  • You want to learn how to reprogram the brain to support instead of sabotage health and wellness.
  • You want to learn a new modality to help people heal and transform faster with a proven scientific process.
  • You want to solve your own problems and achieve your own goals quicker.
  • You are a professional coach with ICF and need/want CE credits for your continuing education.
  • You like live and interactive events.
  • You want to come to San Diego for 3-days!

I hope you’ll join me for my upcoming course.

Learn more and grab your ticket here: https://SummitTransformation.com/level-1.

I hope to see you in San Diego later this month.

To more transformation in your healing,

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team