I broke my back and my life suddenly changed.

This was me on August 10, 2013. I was camping and hiking with family and friends on Mt. Laguna, California. After a morning hike, I got to a ledge and thought I could jump down. But when I landed on a rock 9 or 10 feet below, I felt a crunch in my back. I started yelling in pain and could not get up. After my husband and friends tried to get me off the mountain and realized they couldn’t due to the pain I was in, they called 911. Rescue workers hiked in to assess my situation and see if they could get me off the mountain. They could not move me either due to the pain.

This is the helicopter that came to get me. A doctor zip lined down to where I was on the mountain side with the helicopter hovering above us. He and the rescue workers strapped me into a horizontal basket. The doctor attached himself to me and they zip-lined us both up to the hovering helicopter. Thankfully, as soon as I got into the helicopter, they pumped me full of morphine. Thank goodness for morphine! In the hospital I got the very bad new that I had broken my back!!!

Chronic pain became my new normal.

For the next 3 years, I tried all manner of eastern and western medicine to get better. Massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, pain pills, epidural injections, and finally major surgery. Rods and screws and a synthetic disk, yep, that’s my back in that x-ray. After almost 3 years and NO relief, the doctors said there was nothing more I could do and nothing more they could do. I’d just have to survive a life of chronic pain and they’d keep giving me pain pills. I was unwilling to suffer the rest of my life. I knew there had to be a solution. I decided I would search the world over until I found a cure for my pain. I could not and would not live a life of quiet desperation.

Until I heard the advice that changed my life...

Thankfully, I found my solution almost in my own backyard. My answer was an 86-year-old M.D. working out of his house. He lived about 1 mile from me. He told me that he could help me change my brain and that would change my pain. I didn’t believe him. I didn’t understand how my brain could have anything to do with my back but I was desperate and gave it a try. After seeing him 6 times, I was completely healed. Yes, you read that right. The pain stopped. It just shut-off. I was free to live my life again. So I did! I took my best friend down to the harbor and we started doing yoga tricks. Not only could I sit, drive and function, I could do back-bends and hand-stands and more. I really was healed and amazed! Blown-away! So blown-away, that I sold my real estate business and big custom home and started studying the mind.

I changed my mind and it changed my brain.

Today, my passion is to help you get out of your pain so you can live your very best life. I invite you to open your mind and consider a new way of healing that you may have never heard of before. Be open, be curious and take me up on some of my free offers. This could be the very answer you’ve been searching for.

Change your mind and take control today!

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Are you ready to transform your pain?

Transform Your Pain.

Transform Your Pain.

Do you find yourself struggling with chronic pain?

Are you sick and tired of hurting?

You will want to be on this FREE Masterclass if…

You are looking for a solution to your pain. 

Woman with sinus pain, headache and stomach problems, lying on a couch at home.

Do you find yourself struggling with chronic pain?

Are you sick and tired of hurting?

You will want to be on this FREE Masterclass if…

You are looking for a solution to your pain.

Woman with sinus pain, headache and stomach problems, lying on a couch at home.

Join Jenny to Discover:

  • What is Really Causing Your Pain.
  • How to Overcome Your Pain.
  • FREE Resources to Help You Live a Pain Free Life.

At This Masterclass:

Learn The 3 Secrets to Transforming your Pain.

Learn Why Most Things You Are Trying Are Not Working.

Find Hope and Success In A Process for Your Pain Relief.

Are you tried of chronic pain?

Take the first step to transforming your pain!

Does it work? Hear what others have to say...

Does it work?

Hear what others have to say...

“Understanding the role the brain has over my body pain has reduced my knee pain by 80% and increased my activity.”
"I had been taking anti-histamines for years but was able to stop taking them after we did a balance for my stuffy nose and sneezing. Thank you!”
"Thank you to Balanced You™ for helping my son get over 20 years of stomach, back, and foot pain. Thank you for assisting my mom to get out of the hospital and start eating again and thank you for helping me get over my knee pain.
“After one session with Balanced You™ the pain was gone!”
"...I feel the work is immensely beneficial to my personal well-being..."

The Science Behind the Success

Jenny wanted scientific proof for you, the inquiring potential client, that her process works and could be proven scientifically, so she hired world renown PhD. Dr. Jeffery Fannin to brain map her process live and remotely to see what happens in the brain during the process. During this masterclass, Jenny will show you what he discovered. 

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The 3 Secrets to Transforming Your Pain

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