Loving what is, IS the best way to be happy!

How can you love what is in a crazy COVID world that we are living in now?

Think of it like this.

How do you reprogram a computer when times are bad? The answer is you program it the same way you do when times are good.

Your subconscious mind is like a computer.

It’s running programs and whether you like them or not, they run. Whether it’s rain or shine, they run. Whether you are happy or sad, they run.

Scientists, like PhD cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, have discovered that how you think and feel and act and react are automatic around 95% of the time and you only think, feel, act and react how you choose to about 5% of the time.

In our modern lives we try to change by trying to adjust that 5%.

The problem is, the subconscious mind continuously overpowers that trying which brings negative self-talk and frustration.

So what’s the solution?

Reprogram your mind to be how you want to be, to feel how you want to feel, to act how you want to act, to react how you want to react.

It’s that simple.

I recently had a client who said he was really short tempered and couldn’t figure out why he was so irritable. Using our process I found out he was mad at someone subconsciously. He did not even realize it but when we discussed it, he said it made perfect sense.

So I asked him the million dollar question, how would you rather feel? He said, “mad!” I don’t want to let it go!

However, he later softened up and said he’s like to forgive because his anger was messing with him and it didn’t do any good for him to hold onto it.

We worked though a 5-minute process and the anger was gone.

What power we hold. What power he holds. What power you hold.

You have the power to change your life.

What do you what different?

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Are you ready?

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To your success-

Jenny and the Balanced You team