Yes the rumors are true…

I am holding a 3-Day retreat on Mission Bay in San Diego for 10 lucky ladies!

And, I’ve got something BIG Up my sleeve!

I had the great opportunity to privately coach with the legend, Michel E. Gerber.

He taught me a simple concept that brought something BIG recently.

I was at the office the other day feeling like a fish out of water as all my files were at home. I was in-between client sessions and not really sure what to do with myself.

Sure, I could respond to emails and follow-up with clients etc., but I felt like there was something else for me to accomplish.

I stared at my desk and there sat “a blank piece of paper and a beginners mind.”

An exercise I had learned from my mentor, Michael E. Gerber.

I grabbed a pen, wondering what was about to come out of my mind onto that paper.

An hour later, I had 6 filled sheets of paper!

Balanced You Level Two™ had been created.

It just poured out of me like something I had already known.

What is Balanced You Level Two™?

It’s bigger, deeper, more impactful, more transformational then level one.

It’s beyond goal setting, to bigger shifts and larger transformations.

Would you like to experience Balanced You Level Two™?

10 lucky ladies have the opportunity to do just that at a 3-Day Retreat with Jenny in San Diego this September.

Get details and grab your spot before we sell out at,

If you are looking for more peace, more joy, more balance, and more abundance in your life, this retreat is for you!

If you are ready for more health, more happiness, and better relationships, this retreat is for you.

If you are looking to get out of your house due to crazy COVID-19, this retreat is for you!

Join Jenny as she reveals Balanced You Level Two™ and your transformation on the Bay in San Diego.

To your happy, healthy, and abundant life-

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team

P.S. Speaking of Michael E. Gerber, he is having a CRAZY COVID sale! He is selling one year of his program for $10 and donating the funds to charity!!! He is also bonusing anyone who buys his program the Dreaming Room Program too. This is the steal of a lifetime. Get more info on his crazy COVID offer HERE!