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Hello. Welcome to the easiest and most effective FREE change process you’ve probably ever heard of. I believe you’ve found this process because you are ready to make some changes in your life. Congratulations, it’s not always easy to look in the mirror and make a change. Sometimes we avoid trying to change because of myths we believe about change.

In his seminar and YouTube video, The Psychology of Change, Rob Williams, M.A. talks about 3 myths regarding change.

Myth #1 - It’s hard to change because our habits and beliefs are deep seeded.

Rob says, “how deep can your beliefs be? Your brain is not that deep. You could reach your finger in there and get the deepest one!” Most of us feel that it’s hard to change because we’ve tried and it is! But that’s because we’ve been going about it all wrong. Yes, it is hard to change the subconscious mind which runs our thoughts and feelings and actions 95-99% of the day with a conscious mind change program. To create change, there is a much more effective way!

Myth #2-No pain no gain.

I said the positive affirmation “I am happy, healthy and terrific!” for 20 years with no result. So now what? I say that affirmation for another 20 years and hope for some gain. Subconscious change typically doesn’t happen with conscious mind exercises. We’ve been trying to strengthen our right bicep so to speak by only lifting weights with our left bicep. No matter how many curls we do with that left bicep, it’s just not going to strengthen our right side. We need to learn the process or equation for subconscious change to make change an easy process. Goal setting is a conscious mind exercise but change is not.

Myth #3- You need to know what caused your problem to change it.

Does the seamstress really need to know what tore your shirt in order to fix it? No! She can just sew it up. And the same goes for change. What would you rather see? What would you rather feel? What would you rather do? That’s all we really need to know to get started. Could you gain some insight by knowing what tore the shirt? Sure, however insight is more for conscious mind discovery, curiosity and conscious mind decision making, not for subconscious change.

How do we change?

If you’d like to start your change process from home, here is a great system to use:


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