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Jenny Harkleroad

Jenny Harkleroad

Owner/Founder, Balanced You, PSYCH-K®Facilitator

While working with clients, Jenny has seen people change right before her very eyes from pain relief to healed addictionsdeveloping self lovetransforming relationships and creating more money, more time and more freedom. Jenny is thrilled to help others change their lives more quickly and easily than she ever thought was possible.

Come journey with her to brighter horizons where you can accomplish all you were meant to do, be all that you were meant to be and truly live with joy.

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Pamela Russell

Pamela Russell

MAc -PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Awareness, the willingness to reflect upon my life, first came from meditation; the patterns of relationships, how I looked at life, how I parented my child, how I perceived myself. PSYCH-K® has given me the tools to change those limiting perceptions and patterns I’ve had of my world and myself.

Now, as a Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator, I get to assist people in the growth of their self-awareness, shifting and changing the pain and frustrations of life into joy, ease, fun and even bliss! It is beyond fulfilling to witness someone transform from struggling to thriving using these same tools. Come transform with me!

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Kelli Russell

Kelli Russell

M.A., PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Kelli loves working with people who feel stuck - those who feel that there’s something in the way of what they want, and they’ve tried a lot of things, but nothing seems to be working. She’s excited to assist you as you take charge of your life, create lasting changes, and optimize every aspect of your life.

Kelli’s specialties include helping you:

  • Become relaxed, calm, & pain-free
  • Sleep well, increase your energy
  • Increase your immune function
  • Reach your ideal weight, gain self-assurance, social confidence & intimacy
  • Love and accept yourself, have great relationships, find your soulmate
  • Supercharge your career, make more money, realize your most fulfilling life path
  • Create positive habits and thought patterns, move through anything holding you back
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