High Performance Sales

A FREE Combined Masterclass
Presented by: Jenny Harkleroad & Lois Koffi

High Performance Sales

Presented by:

Jenny Harkelroad & Lois Koffi

Thursday, February 3, 2022

12:00 pm PT / 1:00 pm MT / 2:00 pm CT / 3:00 pm ET

Join Jenny and Lois for this High Performance Sales Masterclass:

  • Program Your Mind for Sales Success
  • Create Laser Clarity and Vision
  • Tricks and Tips to Execution and Action
  • Sales Secrets for your Big Results
Meet Jenny

Jenny Harkleroad is a #1 best-selling author, speaker, and subconscious mind change teacher. She’s a mother of 4 which is her greatest claim to fame! Jenny is a big-hearted entrepreneur and business leader. Jenny built a business in San Diego over 13-years producing double digits in the millions. With the power of her mind, Jenny overcame her past of chronic pain, addictions, bad relationships, and unhappiness. She never knew how sweet life could be until she changed her mind and that changed everything. Jenny has a dramatic story to share, breaking her back on a mountain cliff. That event changed everything and gave her a ferocious appetite to transform lives and help others create what’s missing in their lives. Jenny and her team help others to transform their success, health, and relationships so that they enjoy a happy, healthy, wealthy, and abundant life.

Jenny with share insights to MASTER YOUR MIND:

  • The 3 Secrets of Ultimate Sales Success
  • The #1 Reason You Are Struggling in Sales
  • Breakthrough Your Sales Roadblocks
Meet Lois

Lois Koffi is just one of a few hundred certified 12 Week Year Trainers in the world.

As a recovering workaholic who has worked from home for the last 13 years – she has excelled in setting and keeping healthy boundaries, learned how to say NO, and make more money in less time by mastering the principles she teachers her clients.   She has made six figures in three different sales industries and was a highly sought after recruiter/salesperson for multiple companies.
She has mastered balancing being a mom and a wife, as well as podcaster and entrepreneur so much that she leads by example and takes 12 weeks off a year to truly live her BEST life.

Lois will share insights to EXECUTE:

  • Create More Time To Sell and Do What You Love
  • Close More Sales Daily
  • Execute Your Strategy with excellence

High Performance Sales Masterclass

Thursday, February 3, 2022

12:00 pm PT / 1:00 pm MT / 2:00 pm CT / 3:00 pm ET

What Clients are saying:

“Since working with Jenny, I am more confident, bold, centered and fearless! I hit top sales person of the quarter with a new deal I closed this week. I would never have done that without the help of Balanced You™. I’m more consistent, it’s easier to connect with others, and things no longer get to me that used to bother me. I’m lighter hearted and always laughing. I thank my boss everyday day for investing in me to help me succeed at a new level as one of the leaders on her team. I’m excited for even more mind reprogramming. The sky is the limit!”


Insurance Sales

“Working with Lois has opened my eyes to so much – before working with her I never really had a focused plan with income producing activities that I executed daily. Now I do and I LOVE how productive and clear I feel in my day to day success. I also have inspired my sales team to do the same which has increased my numbers.”

Katherine Olsen,

Sales Manager

Get Ready to Increase Your Sales!

Thursday, February 3, 2022

12:00 pm PT / 1:00 pm MT / 2:00 pm CT / 3:00 pm ET

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