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Got Passion?

On a scale of 0-10 how passionate are you? AND, what kind of passion are you thinking about? There are ...
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Meet Kelli

I'm so excited to introduce the newest PSYCK-K® facilitator to the Balanced You™ team, Kelli Russell. I met Kelli in 2008 ...
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Forgiveness is power. Forgiveness can transform your life. Being willing to forgive is not easy. There are so many people ...
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Transform Your Life Workbook

Some people think it's hard to change. And it is, IF you try to change with the power of your ...
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A Pain Free Life Workbook

Chronic pain is ruthless, relentless, depressing and debilitating. Get on the path to your pain free life with this custom ...
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A Pain Free Life-Overcoming Chronic Pain Webinar

What do you believe about you pain? What is causing it? Why do you have it? How can you get ...
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Letting Go

Letting go is not an easy thing to do. Or is it? Why do we hold onto things we don't ...
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You Are Good Enough

We love to work with clients on their self-esteem. When we tell clients they are already perfect, you would not ...
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A Total Transformation

After working with hundreds of clients, we at Balanced You™ have found that a few balance sessions are wonderful and ...
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Meet Pamela

When I was learning the method of subconscious change that I practice I was told I should practice with some ...
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