Takeaway Tuesday – Talents

I can be away from home a lot traveling and speaking at events. When I'm gone, I rely on my husband and kids to help keep the house running. I look at my kids' talents to delegate each job. For example, I ask my daughter Ashley to feed the dogs, because she is very responsible and Read more Takeaway Tuesday – Talents

Takeaway Tuesday – Let it Go

At Balanced You, we work with our clients to reprogram their subconscious mind. At the end of each balance process, where we put our finger tips Read more Takeaway Tuesday – Let it Go

Highway to Heaven

I saw a very impressive Britian's Got talent contestant and could not get her song out of my head. I was walking around singing her song for a week. Sing it with me... Highway to Heaven! Highway to Heaven! My kids asked me if I knew what the words to that song really were. I Read more Highway to Heaven